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kanye’s visuals are incredible

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i will never forgive zac efron for lying about singing in the first high school musical

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Drake: Babe, this is my mom Sandi
Drake's mama: *gives me a hug* its nice to finally meet you.
Me: You too.
Drake: I'll go and get the bags ok?
Me: ok. *waits till hes out of earshot* I forgive you.
Drakes mama: ...for what?
Me: killing dr martin luther king.
Drakes mama: i-I didn't kill- im sorry what?
Me: I know that silly! I mean you're old and everything but you're canadian. I'm just saying I accept your apology on behalf of your white brethren:)
Drakes mama: ...can we talk about somethin else please?
Me: ok Sandi I see the topic of racism makes you uncomfortable. I was just saying that your sons prowess in the bedroom doesnt make up for your assistance in murdering a civil rights leader but I am starting to forgive you. We can talk about it another time tho (:
Drakes mama: ....
Me: anyway im glad we could make it up here I wanted to meet you before the baby came:)
Drake: *comes back in and puts his arm around me* ahh my two favorite ladies in one room







I wanna fuck so many of you

Nice nice but I wanna eat this turkey bacon BLT

what the fuck is a blt

Do you not have Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwiches in the UK….

if we did we’d just call it a “bacon lettuce tomato sandwich”

So you guys don’t have abbreviations either? Laugh Out Loud…..

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music is such a fuckin… wide, ever expanding thing and if you’re limiting yourself to one genre, especially one represented by old/dead white dudes, then I honestly do feel bad for you

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Lorde for Clash Magazine

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The last three songs sbtrkt has released are so dark and weird, I’m absolutely in love


conservatives reblogging posts about liberals made by leftists

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Body comparative

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