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*wears mcDonalds bag as handbag* Moschino

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30 Jul 14 at 10 am


Then there’s always this family member who say this every family reunion

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"I wonder if Daft Punk gotta file taxes. They could be anybody."


if u think that a blog that is a safe space for black women translates into a ‘white women hating blog’ then u honestly need to grow up! just because we uplift one another as black women doesn’t mean we hate white women or we are attacking white women! black women need to honestly stan for themselves because no one else is? the last time i checked u self hating ass niggas wasn’t but i’m sleep!!!! 

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I’ve thinking a lot about God lately and to me it sometimes seems like He is more involved on a microscopic, personal level and not really on a macroscopic level

for example, my financial aid finally came through with minimal cost to my family and I won’t have to spend as much of my $$ paying for school as I thought, especially since I’m going to be an RA, and I’m immensely grateful and feel incredibly blessed

and then I think about what’s going on macroscopically in the world (Gaza, USA, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, ect) and I’m like ok so what is God doing about that..

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This is dope. Chris Turner, right?

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This is dope. Chris Turner, right?

isn’t “moral army” an oxymoron? how can there possibly be a moral army?

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I have always had to deal with the awkward N-word question from my white friends.

You know it… “Why can’t white people say the N-word, but black people can?”


It usually ends with the black friend having to try to explain the complex history of the word, explain cultural wordings, etc… so…

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Why Can't White People Use The N-word?


I wanted my unease articulated and then I found it in Bachmann’s word: “War is not declared any more, but simply continued. The terrible is an everyday thing.”

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27 Jul 14 at 9 pm

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